To Our Exhibitors:


For and in considera􏰀on of the show fees specified in the Exhibitor Agreement, Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase grants exhibitor/adver􏰀ser a revocable license to occupy space in the show(s) that are indicated on Exhibitor Agreement.

SHOW DEPOSIT: Bridal show booth reserva􏰀ons require a $200 minimum deposit to hold said booth. Verbal and signed commitments are not recognized as sold booths un􏰀l a $200 minimum deposit has been made. Any and all deposits are non‐refundable should the exhibitor/adver􏰀ser wish to withdraw from bridal show par􏰀cipa􏰀on. Full payment must be received before business included in show program.

SET‐UP/BREAK DOWN: Exhibitors may enter show facility for the purpose of exhibit setup as outlined in the exhibitor kit materials. Exhibitors must use authorized loading areas and remove vehicles from loading area immediately a􏰁er unloading. Set up of exhibit must be completed no later than 1 hour prior to show start 􏰀me (adver􏰀sed public show hours). Should Exhibitor fail to occupy its space during the scheduled setup period, Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase shall have the right to take possession of said space without liability for a refund of exhibitor fees. Exhibits may not be dismantled before the show has closed. In the event Exhibitor violates this provision, Exhibitor shall: (a) forfeit its rights to the list of show a􏰂endees, (b) be precluded from par􏰀cipa􏰀on in future shows, and (c) be subject to a fine of $300.00. Exhibits must be removed no later than the 2 hours a􏰁er show end 􏰀me. Exhibitor shall be liable for all storage and handling charges resul􏰀ng from failure to remove exhibit material from the show before conclu‐ sion of break down period. The use of porters, if available, to assist loading and unload‐ ing is at exhibitor’s own risk, and Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase shall not be liable for any resul􏰀ng damage or claim.

EXHIBITOR NAME BADGES: Exhibitor personnel must wear an official exhibitor badge, which will be provided on the day of the show. Extra 􏰀ckets available for $10 for vendors that go beyond the specified allowance.

LIMITATIONS ON DISTRIBUTION OF PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS AND SHARING OF BOOTHS: Exhibitors will be permi􏰂ed to demonstrate products and/or services, solicit orders, and distribute adver􏰀sing materials (including, but not limited to, signs, literature, or business cards) only from their assigned exhibit space and only for prod‐ ucts and/or services which are provided in the exhibitor’s normal opera􏰀on of business. Distribu􏰀on or display of adver􏰀sing materials from non‐ exhibitors, and distribu􏰀on of adver􏰀sing materials in aisles, registra􏰀on areas, lounges, sea􏰀ng areas, or grounds of show facility is prohibited. Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase reserves the right, at its sole discre􏰀on, to determine if a breach of this clause exists. Exhibitor may not assign its contract for exhibit space or permit any other person or company to use any part of such space. Exhibitor agrees to be held liable for any unauthorized use of its exhibit space and that the damages to Show Management resul􏰀ng from each unauthorized use will be set at a dollar amount equal to the fee for the Exhibitor’s space in the Show. Exhibitors are restricted from handing out publica􏰀ons, which have non‐exhibitors in them without prior permission.

PUBLICITY / USE OF PHOTOS OR VIDEO: Exhibitor agrees that Atlan􏰀c Wedding Show‐ case may list the Exhibitor in show promo􏰀onal materials and use photography and/or video taken at the show for publicity purposes without compensa􏰀on to Exhibitor.

EXHIBIT RESTRICTIONS / SAFETY ISSUES: All displays erected for the show must be free standing and may not exceed the boundaries of exhibit space. Exhibitors are prohibited from a􏰂aching anything to walls, columns, windows, or fixtures of show facility. Exhibitor shall leave space occupied by them in the same condi􏰀on as at the 􏰀me when first occupied. Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase reserves the right to restrict displays which, because of noise or method of opera􏰀on, interfere with other exhibitors, and to prohibit or remove such displays and/or personnel which in the opinion of Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase become objec􏰀onable and/or detract from the character or appearance of the Show. The use of audio and/or video equipment is an excep􏰀on to the rule, not a right, and Show management reserves the right to determine at what point audio and/ or video cons􏰀tutes interference with others and must be discon􏰀nued. Exhibitor is charged with having knowledge of and compliance with all laws, ordinances, and regula‐ 􏰀ons pertaining to licensing, sales tax, health, fire preven􏰀on, public safety, copyright. Exhibit materials, decora􏰀ons, and display items must be fire safe. If an exhibit does not comply with these regula􏰀ons, or otherwise presents a hazard or danger, Atlan􏰀c Wed‐ ding Showcase may remove the exhibit with no liability for refund of exhibit fees.

EVENT DATES AND ATTENDANCE: Exhibitor understands and agrees that Atlan􏰀c Wed‐ ding Showcase makes no guarantees regarding weather condi􏰀ons or a􏰂endance at the event. If Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase is prevented from producing the event herein by reason of any act of God, fire, flood, public disaster, act of terror or any other cause or reason either within or beyond the control of Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase, such condi‐ 􏰀on shall be deemed a valid excuse for delay or cancella􏰀on of the event. Atlan􏰀c Wed‐ ding Showcase reserves the right that the event may be rescheduled for another date and/or loca􏰀on chosen by Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase.

LIABILITY AND INDEMNIFICATION: Reasonable precau􏰀ons will be taken by Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase to protect persons and property during the show. Neither Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase, show facility, nor representa􏰀ves of any of the same, shall be responsible for the personal safety of the Exhibitor or its representa􏰀ves from injury, nor for the safety of the property of the Exhibitor from the􏰁 or damage. Exhibitor waives all claims of every kind against Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase, show facility, and representa􏰀ves of the same including, without limita􏰀on, all claims for damages based on personal property damage, destruc􏰀on, loss or the􏰁, personal injury or death, and any other act or failure to act of Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase. Exhibitor agrees to indem‐ nify and hold Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase harmless from all claims, including expenses, damages, costs, and a􏰂orney’s fees, by Exhibitor, Exhibitor’s agents, employees, con‐ tractors, or by any other person, arising out of any act or omission in any way related to Exhibitor’s par􏰀cipa􏰀on in the show whether negligent or not. All exhibitors, if asked, must be able to provide proof of liability insurance with limits of not less than $1,000,000.

LIABILITY FOR DISTRIBUTION OF EDIBLE ITEMS: Distribu􏰀on of food, cake, drink or other inges􏰀ble items is subject to approval by Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase and subject to any rules or restric􏰀ons set forth by the show facility. Exhibitors who distribute inges􏰀ble items agree to assume all liability, and indemnify and hold harmless Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase, show facility, and representa􏰀ves of the same, for damage or injury, which might ensue by reason of such distribu􏰀on, and must provide proof of liability insurance with limits of not less than $1,000,000.

PAYMENT TERMS / CANCELLATION POLICIES: Exhibitor shall not be permi􏰂ed to bring any equipment or display any material into the show without prior full payment. If payments are not made in accordance with the due dates specified in this agreement, Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase may terminate this agreement and reassign space to anoth‐ er exhibitor. All payments are non‐refundable and non‐transferable, and space reserva‐ 􏰀ons may not be canceled less than 30 days prior to event date(s). Exhibitor shall pay a fee of $30.00 if any check presented for payment is returned by the bank. In the event of breach of this agreement by Exhibitor, Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase reserves the right to cancel the agreement without liability for a refund of fees paid. The exhibitor is consid‐ ered to be in breach of this agreement if the Exhibitor (1) transfers or a􏰂empts to trans‐ fer exhibit space to another party; (2) files for bankruptcy or is declared bankrupt; (3) fails to fully comply with the terms and condi􏰀ons of this agreement. Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase reserves the right to cancel this Exhibitor agreement for any reason by giving 15 days wri􏰂en no􏰀ce to Exhibitor. In the event that Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase cancels this agreement, the liability of Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase shall be limited to a return of any amounts.

REGISTERED BRIDE LIST: The Bridal Lead List is established for AWS Exhibitors. Further‐ more, the list is coded to enable us to monitor its use. Upon signing this agreement, Exhibitor recognizes that the BRIDAL LEAD LIST is the exclusive property and trade secret of Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase and is provided for the sole use of the Exhibitor to use only as a direct service provider. It is further understood and agreed that the Exhibitor shall not under any circumstances lend out, sell, reproduce, exchange, copy, or share in any unauthorized way the informa􏰀on provided in the BRIDAL LEAD LIST. If this infor‐ ma􏰀on is used or threatened to be used in an unauthorized manner, Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase shall be en􏰀tled to seek relief in any court of competent jurisdic􏰀on, including but not limited to injunc􏰀ve relief, actual and puni􏰀ve damages, reasonable a􏰂orney’s fees, costs and any and all other expenses. Exhibitor agrees that under no circumstances you will use the list or permit the list to be used to promote any other mul􏰀‐business bridal or weddings related show or event, including your par􏰀cipa􏰀on within such an event, and that damage to Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase for each such use will be set at a dollar amount no less than $3,000.

CHANGES AND MODIFICATIONS: The promo􏰀onal and instruc􏰀onal informa􏰀on provid‐ ed by Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase to exhibitor is accurate as of its publica􏰀on; however, Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase reserves the right to change or modify details of the show without no􏰀ce. Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase may issue addi􏰀onal rules, as it deems necessary for the orderly presenta􏰀on of the show. Any rule may be amended at any 􏰀me by show management provided that such amendment shall not substan􏰀ally dimin‐ ish the rights or increase the liability of Exhibitor. This agreement shall represent the en􏰀re agreement between Exhibitor and Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase. Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase shall not be bound by any representa􏰀on or understanding not expressly set forth in this agreement. No provision of this agreement shall be modified except by the wri􏰂en mutual consent of the par􏰀es.

FAX and EMAIL AGREEMENTS: For the convenience of the Exhibitor, Atlan􏰀c Wedding Showcase will accept submission of this agreement by facsimile or by email. The par􏰀es agree that, if a signed copy of this agreement is transmi􏰂ed by facsimile or email, the facsimile or emailed copy shall be deemed to be an original document and fully enforce‐ able there as.

SEVERABILITY: If any clause of this agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of the agreement shall con􏰀nue in full force and effect without regard to the invalidated clause.