Love for Life Is Possible | Marriage Can Last a Lifetime

New hopeful marriages start every year, yet many of them don’t last in the end. The high rate of divorce these days can make anyone skeptical in believing that love can last a lifetime. However, science and real case studies can back up lasting love, so don’t give up hope! Marriages are a beautiful thing but can also be extremely tough. So how do you get through the lows, reach the highs, keep the romance going and make your love last a lifetime? Here are some tips that could help keep you and your partner’s love story going for decades to come. 

Explore New Things

A relationship, just like anything in life, can get boring if it is just the same things over and over again. Trying new things together and expanding you horizons can do wonders for your relationship. Mix things up with new activities that can intensify feelings in your brain. When you do new activities like that with someone else, you attribute those feelings to the person you are with and can lead to feeling even more attracted to them. Whether it is something small like trying something new for dinner or attending a salsa dancing class or something bigger like traveling the world together, your romance will thank you for it!

Keep Your Independence

While doing new things together is definitely helpful, it can also help to get out and do things on your own. Keeping up with your hobbies and interests will make you happier in general, which is extremely important in order to be happy within your relationship. Just because your partner isn’t interested in some of the things that you are, doesn’t mean you should give them up and they shouldn’t give up their hobbies either! Embrace your alone time to reconnect with yourself and be a better person when you are together. Independence is actually attractive to the human brain, so it can make you see your partner in a different light and vice-versa.

Marriage, It’s a Journey

People enter into marriages for different reasons and with different view on the idea. Some see it as a natural part of life and others might get married to feel more secure and less lonely. However, it is important to actually see marriage as more of a journey. Your love has more of a change to last for the rest of your life if you see your significant other as your companion through a fulfilling life. On this journey, you should grow and learn about yourself and your partner. You can then both make the journey more fulfilling for both of you.

Romance Can Indeed Last a Lifetime

Quite a few studies have actually shown data to support the idea that love can last a lifetime. In one study, scientists compiled data from couples who had newly fallen in love as well as couples who had been married for a decade or more. They wanted to test how the brain functions while in love. The data ended up showing that the older couples were experiencing the same rewarding feeling as the newer couples. In some cases, the older couples seemed to feel it even more intensely. 

Statistics can sometimes seem discouraging, but don’t let them get you down! Your marriage and romance don’t have to weaken over time. With putting in the effort and a few handy tips, you can ensure that the both of you have the tools to succeed in your marriage and keep the magic going throughout your lives.