Marriage Proposal Ideas | Valentine’s Day

Once you know that you’re ready, choosing the best way to propose can really hold up the big question! Getting stuck over how to pop the question is definitely somewhere that you don’t want to be.

When it comes to proposing, it may be difficult to decide just how, where and when you’d like to do it. Even though there are thousands of ideas out there, how are you supposed to figure out the best way? Firstly, before you decide on proposing you should make sure your partner is on board with the engagement (whether it be subtle or not).

If you drop a few hints or even have a discussion about the future of your relationship, you should be able to tell if it’s the right time for you to take a knee. Of course, you need the ring! So, if you’ve already taken care of it, hoorah, half of the stress is behind you! The other half can be remedied by this suggestion!

Time of Year | Valentine’s Day, Obviously

So you may be set on a particular season, or day, but we are here to tell you that Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to propose. You may say that it’s tacky or cliché but what better way to welcome this day every year for the upcoming years. You will always remember it- and after all, it’s just a proposal date, not your wedding date. This date is already surrounded by hearts and love so it won’t be hard to find a dozen roses or extra cute gifts to throw at your loved one after you pop the question. It caters to the romantic and to the future groom that may not have a clue on when to propose. It’s safe- and yes sometimes safe is better than risky. Also, for every hater of this joyous holiday, you have many more lovers of the day. Ultimately, you will, by default, be re-celebrating your engagement date every single year to come- and we think that’s wonderful.


How you ask the question is pretty important, but where you ask can make some of the greatest memories. After all, if it’s Valentine’s Day, you want to make it extra romantic. Chances are, you and your special someone have some great memories that you love to relive every now and then. Try to choose a place that sparks those memories. For instance, you can take your date back to the location where you met. Whether it was a college library, a fancy restaurant or as simple as a friends place, the location will be a story your partner will love to share for years to come.

Don’t be stuck on that idea if it doesn’t speak to you, choosing a place you’ve already been to is not mandatory! In fact, you can always pick a romantic getaway for the two of you to enjoy or to keep it simple by spending a romantic afternoon sharing a picnic.

Extravagance isn’t always the greatest option, so make sure you think of a meaningful spot.

Involve the Senses

We often tie our memories to the five senses, so you can utilize them in your proposal. It may sound difficult but it’s much easier than you think. One wedding proposal idea is to hire a musician or band to play near where you propose. The beautiful sounds will help it feel all the more magical and special. Also, on Valentine’s Day, this may be easier, as a lot of restaurants, cafes or lounges have special acts.

And what better sense than taste to spark with some great food. A lot of couples have a favorite place to eat so you can try to get the restaurant to work with you for an extra special proposal. It doesn’t matter what type of restaurant it is- whether it’s a greasy spoon or a five star restaurant, just make sure it’s meaningful. Then, when the time is right, propose! You may even ask the staff to bring out the ring in a glass of wine or on a dessert plate! Being cheesy won’t be suspicious on Valentine’s Day, so go all out! Bring flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, and whatever is meaningful to you both, that way your photos will come out extra special.

Go BIG or go home

Love and music are a true recipe for success but don’t feel limited. Think back to those movies that showcase public proposals on billboards and baseball fields. It may push you out of your comfort zone, but don’t feel shy about going this route if you think it’s what they would want. If you’d like to go on a more creative route, go to a show and bring the proposal into it somehow. During Valentine’s Day it may be easier for you to convince a cast to integrate your proposal and it will definitely get a positive reaction from the crowd.  It may require some extra time and money to work out the details, but it’ll be worth it when you achieve the perfect proposal. If you know your partner will enjoy a public proposal, go for it!

Plan It Out

Planning always leads to better surprises so it goes without saying that you must plan out your proposal. Have you thought about what you’re going to do after you pop the question? You can plan for her family to show up, or continue the day/evening with a fun activity. This will help make the day magical. Also, if you planned a public proposal, are you sure they will be comfortable with it? Don’t disregard the importance of little details when you plan because these things can be just as important as the way you propose.

If you’ve already started planning out the timeline of your proposal don’t wait too long. This will take the pressure off you, and your nerves won’t make your future fiancé(e) feel uncomfortable or give away your plan. Planning will always be the best way to ask!

Capture the Moment

Take your proposal to the next level by capturing the moment with photographs or videos. Hire a professional or scout out a friend or two. This will allow you and your fiancé(e) to show off your memories for the years to come.

Popping the question can be a rewarding experience when you get past the stress. With these tips you should be able to come up with an extra special way to make sure the love of your life gets the proposal they’ll deserve!

By Majesty Diamonds.

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