Ball Gowns, Nachos, & Oysters

Recently, I attended the wedding of my beautiful cousin Lacey, looking fabulous in her perfectly poofy ball gown, and her new husband, Jeremy.  It was such a gorgeous evening that I had to share some of the highlights!

Lacey and her new hubby had their wedding at the Pictou Lodge Beach Resort in Nova Scotia.  Can I just say… this venue was like something out of a dream!  The Resort is placed on a little cove over-looking the ocean and the venue is peppered with fun activities for guests such as paddle boarding, redneck golf, washer toss, a playground for the kiddies, a basketball court, peddle boats, and more!  However, I think my favourite thing about this particular wedding location was that all of the guests were staying right there at the venue itself.  It was so much fun to walk around and see everyone getting ready before the ceremony – mingling and buzzing with excitement for the day.  It also eliminated issues like drinking and driving or guests trying to find cabs and other ways home at the end of the night.  The Resort also provided childcare workers for those with little kiddies!  As far as venues go, Pictou Lodge and Beach Resort was a huge success!

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m also really digging the idea of “self serve” stations at weddings (mentioned in Drink Up!).  Lacey completely blew my expectations out of the water!  As the party got going and everyone was a few drinks in and tearing up the dance floor, there appeared a NACHO BAR.  It was like a gift sent from the heavens!  A long table with nacho chips, tons of different topping choices and melted fondue-like cheese to pour over your creation.  It was just the pick-me-up everyone seemed to need to continue dancing the night away.

Another unique twist I LOVED about Lacey and Jeremy’s big day was during the dinner portion of the evening.  Instead of the traditional glass clinking to provoke a kiss from the new couple, Lacey and Jeremy had an Oyster Bar set up!

How did it work?

In order to get the newlyweds to kiss, we were instructed to shuck an oyster and throw’er down the hatch!  At this point it became clear that the room was divided into two kinds of people –  those who were clearly just in it for the delicious, fresh oysters (which resulted in a lot of smooches from L and J), and those who were new to the oyster experience (which resulted in a lot of hilarious faces).  It was such a fun and interactive portion of the evening and everyone wanted to get in and try one!

This was such an adorable, unique and rustic wedding.  Everyone had a ball, an oyster, and some nachos, and Lacey and Jeremy started their new lives together after the sweetest of days!

Congratulations guys!! xox